Are you not moving up the ladder as quickly as you’d like at that tech job? Is the cost of living too high where you are now? There are many other areas of the country with fast-growing technology industries where you could find better opportunities, including Austin, TX. 

If you are considering a big change in your career, it might be worthwhile to look for jobs in Austin. This youthful and creative city in the Southwest has businesses that need systems analysts, software coders, engineers, and more. You may be able to move to Austin and secure a position in one of the top-rated companies in the industry. There are several with local offices and headquarters!


The eponymous computer company has recently announced $1 billion in expansions of its Austin, TX offices over the course of three years. They expect to employ up to 15,000 new staff members when all is said and done.


Headquartered in Round Rock, TX, Dell is one of the largest computer hardware companies in the Greater Austin area. They employ almost 15,000 people to manufacture, repair, and sell computer technology.

Expedia Group

With multiple offices inside The Domain Tower, Expedia Group has a firm foothold in Austin, TX. This conglomeration of travel websites and apps needs lots of tech people to keep their online business humming.


The major social media platform also has several offices that employ thousands of people in Austin. It’s a company that doesn’t seem like it’s moving out of Texas anytime soon.


With a large campus in Texas and the Austin Research Laboratory, IBM has a solid presence here too. The Austin Research Lab is focused on developing high-speed microprocessors, furthering AI, and finding ways to improve computer memory, power, and hardware design.


As of 2020, the Oracle Corporation moved its headquarters to Austin, TX. A multinational company, Oracle provides cloud-based database software, management, and hardware for clients.


This clean energy company and electric car manufacturer plans to open an Austin-based automotive manufacturing facility in 2021. Up to 5,000 employees will build Tesla Cybertrucks, Semis, and the Model 3 and Model Y cars.

Great Places to Live in Greater Austin

Austin proper is a vibrant city with a strong music scene and hip, creative coffee shops and retail locations. If you don’t want to live in the city there are also several popular, up and coming, and family friendly suburbs around Austin where you can settle down. Consider checking out these areas:

  • Round Rock: A rapidly growing family friendly city that’s within 30 minutes of everything.

  • Cedar Park: A suburban area with lots of families and homeowners.

  • Georgetown: Homes are little more spread out in this town with plenty of parks and trails.

  • San Marcos: Mainly renters and apartment tenants live in this suburban/urban area.

  • Pflugerville: A more relaxed community with spread out homes, Pflugerville also has good schools.

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