Moving your household—whether you’re moving locally, long-distance, across the country, or internationally—is always a big event in our lives. Any moving project, no matter how simple or complex, requires plenty of preparation and organization to pull off smoothly. Proper planning is crucial to the success of your move and can mean the difference between an expensive, chaotic ordeal and an easy, affordable one. There are many ways to overspend on your next relocation, which is why it’s so important to take the time you need to carefully plan your move. While it’s easy to let finances get out of hand when moving, there are also many ways to ensure a cost-effective and affordable move. 

If you’re planning a household move, saving money is likely to be at the top of your list of priorities. In this guide, you’ll learn our best tips for moving on a budget, brought to you by our top-rated moving team at A Arnold Relocation.

Avoid Peak Season Moving (If Possible)

As many people know, summer is the most popular time for moving for people across the country. With the kids out of school, college kids leaving home, and many people taking time off work for vacations, moving during the summer can seem like the best and most convenient time for relocation. Moving during peak season is usually more expensive than moving during any other time of the year—especially the last weeks of fall, the winter season, and the first few weeks of spring. If you’re able to be flexible with your moving dates, avoid moving over the summertime. To be specific, plan a move outside the weeks between Memorial Day and Labor Day weekend in September, which mark the official dates of peak season for relocation in the nation.

Be Flexible with Dates

Even if you’re avoiding the summer, flexibility will get you the best rates throughout the rest of the year as well. Waiting until the last minute or having to move within a certain time frame (or on a certain day) can mean higher rates if you’re not lucky. Moving companies tend to be busier on the last week of the month and on holiday weekends, so shop around and ask about different dates to find the best prices.

Don’t Leave Everything to the Last Minute!

As we mentioned before, waiting until the last minute can mean paying more for moving services. Give yourself time to interview several moving companies to find the best services and lowest rates, and then get started with your moving plan right away! We suggest starting at least two months or more in advance, depending on how far you’re going and how much you’re taking with you. Getting an early start will also help you to avoid scrambling to find appropriate packing supplies and materials. If you plan things ahead of time, you can often gather enough free boxes from grocery stores or other businesses without having to pay a fortune for them. Planning ahead can also mean the difference between having to hire last-minute services for things you’ve overlooked, like custom crating for fragile, valuable items, or shipping arrangements for pets, vehicles, or other belongings.

Hire Professional Movers to Help You Set a Budget

One of the best things you can do to facilitate a cost-effective, seamless moving experience is to hire a team of reliable, professional movers. Professional moving services can help you set a budget and organize your move from start to finish, making sure to cover all your bases while keeping costs down. 

Doing it yourself can sometimes save you money—but this isn’t always the case. Most people aren’t sure of what to expect when relocating, and everything from delays, to injuries, packing problems, and other issues can lead to unexpected costs and charges. To save time, money, and hassle, hiring professional movers is your best bet for an affordable moving experience.

Compare Companies and Moving Rates

Along the same lines, hiring the wrong movers can cost you more money than you’d expected. Bad movers often use deceitful practices to scam money out of people. If you’re not careful to hire a reputable mover, you can lose money due to confusing or misleading contracts—with hidden fees and last-minute add-ons that jack up the price of your move, damage to your property, or outright theft of your belongings.

Take the time to compare movers and moving rates, and choose the ones whose services reflect the best value. Examine the moving contract carefully to understand what you’ll pay, when you’ll pay, and what those charges cover. For the very best outcome, choose reputable movers with a strong presence in the industry. Check online ratings, their BBB status, and ask whether they’re licensed, bonded, and insured. If the business seems to not exist beyond a flimsy Facebook or web page, or if they have bad ratings from customers, it’s best to stay away—no matter how great their rates may seem.

Choose A Arnold Relocation for Low-Cost, High-Value Moving Services

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