Making a summer move? With kids on break, less demanding work schedules, and seasonal trends in home sales, summer is actually the most popular season for moving. But unless you live very far north—certainly not here in Kentucky!—summer is also the hottest time to move. 

To manage your household move without succumbing to heat exhaustion or turning into a sweaty mess, follow our eight simple tips below!

Four “Stay Cool” Tips Before Your Move

A little advance preparation can make a world of difference in how cool your move is.

1. Book household movers early.

Since summer is so popular, you’ll likely face a lot more competition for your preferred moving date and time. Be sure to schedule your move early so that you can book your movers first thing in the morning, when the sun’s low and the temperatures are cooler.

2. Arrange for help.

Even if you’re hiring a long-distance moving company, you’ll probably find that there’s more to do on moving day than you expected. If you have friends or family nearby, recruit them to give you a helping hand with small chores, pet-sitting, or childcare. The less you have to run around, the cooler you’ll be!

3. Plan your utilities well.

You may be tempted to shut off your electricity early, but you’ll be thankful you didn’t when moving day comes.

  • Keep your current utilities on through move-out day so that you and your household movers aren’t lugging boxes through stuffy 90-degree rooms. 

  • Schedule your new utilities to turn on a day or two in advance so that they’re ready when you and your boxes arrive.

4. Stock up on “cool stuff.”

Make sure that you’re ready to face the heat by gathering some on-the-go cooling and sun-protection items to keep near you on moving day:

  • Ice chest 
  • Plug-in box fans
  • Portable hand/electronic fans
  • Portable misters
  • Hats
  • Umbrellas
  • Cooling towels
  • Light, moisture-wicking clothes
  • Spare clothes
  • Sunscreen

Four “Stay Cool” Tips for Moving Day

Once moving day actually arrives, keep the following tips in mind for a comfortable move with as little sweat and stress as possible.

1. Move smartly.

If you aren’t hiring professional household movers and are instead handling the heavy lifting yourself, you should definitely plan accordingly. Set your moving schedule so that you can lift and load all of the heavier, bulkier items in the morning when it’s not quite so hot.

2. Keep your ice chest handy.

That ice chest you got ready? Now is the time to bring it out! Along with plenty of ice, fill it with refreshing treats like water, sports drinks, popsicles, and fresh fruits or veggies. You can also throw in some pocket-sized ice packs and wet hand towels to drape over your shoulders and neck throughout the day.

3. Stay hydrated.

Make sure that you’re replenishing fluids with plenty of water! Even if you don’t feel thirsty, the heat can easily dehydrate you if you aren’t careful.

4.Take a break.

Don’t be afraid to give yourself a little “me time.” You can chill in your car with the air conditioner on, head to your local grocery store for a blast of cool air, or stop by a neighbor’s home for a quick chat out of the sun.

Let’s Plan Your Summer Move Today!

When it comes to a summer move, the sooner you start planning, the better off you’ll be—especially if you want to hire a local or long-distance moving company. Hiring professional movers is the best way to stay cool when the temperatures really soar.

So why not get started today?

A. Arnold is a certified ProMover and Allied Van Lines agent with 110+ years of experience, and we’re ready to help your family move anywhere in the world. Avoid the heat and humidity by calling us or sending in our quick online form to get your free household moving quote today!