Every move is just a series of steps to get your belongings and family transitioned to a new home. For many, the entire process is a lot to handle alone. Even tackling an apartment move can be too much! If you are single, short on time, or moving long-distance, it makes sense to consider hiring a moving company. You'll find that movers act as a guide and do a lot of the heavy lifting for you. Let's take a look at the process of relocating with professional movers.

Booking Your Move

The first step on the road to a new home is contacting the mover about a free cost estimate. Many moving companies will be happy to provide one of these onsite estimates, so you know exactly how much that move is going to cost.

When you meet with a moving consultant, they will want to take a quick look at every room of your home to see how many belongings you own. The consultant will also want to know where you are moving to and what dates you plan on relocating. These three pieces of information are key to creating a fair, accurate moving estimate.

During your consultation, you'll also have the option of working on your moving plan. The consultant will go over the services provided and help you pick what you need for the relocation. Most moving companies offer services, such as:

  • Custom Crating
  • Full-Service Packing
  • Short- or Long-Term Storage
  • Insurance Valuation

If you like the quote based on your selected options, you can usually sign an agreement with the moving consultant right away. This locks in that mover for your selected packing and moving dates. Depending on their payment process, you may be asked to make a deposit equaling part of the amount due for the move ahead of time.

Packing Your Belongings

When you sign up for packing services, the mover will schedule a day for their packers to arrive at your home to box up your belongings. Usually, this date is a few days before your moving date to avoid any inconvenience.

Be prepared for the packers when they arrive by cleaning up and removing any items you don't want to take with you. This can include:

  • Old Furniture
  • Things to Donate
  • Garbage/Trash
  • Items for the First Day Box

The packers work quickly, so won't spend a lot of time asking questions about which of your belongings to box up. They will work on a room-by-room basis packing every item in a room and labeling the box with the room it came from, such as the dining room or living room. Don't worry about providing packing supplies. The packers will provide the necessary boxes and newspaper themselves.

The First Day Box

Before your packers arrive, put together an "Open First" box for each member of the household. Ideally, this box will contain all of the basics you'll need to survive the first few days at a new home. Fill your box with essentials, like:

  • A few changes of clothes
  • Hygiene products; toothpaste and toilet paper
  • A few cups, dishes, and utensils
  • Snacks; granola bars, jerky, coffee or tea packets
  • Entertainment and reading material
  • Cleaning supplies; toilet brush and plunger
  • Copies of important papers
  • Medicines; both OTC and prescription

Keep your first day boxes someplace within easy reach and clearly label them. On moving day, you might want to load these boxes in your car to keep them out of the way.

The Big Move

The process speeds up considerably when moving day arrives. Unless specifically requested, the movers usually show up early in the morning. Professional movers work quickly and will be coming in and out of your home for at least a couple of hours. To this end, you might want to have the kids, or a pet stay with a relative for the day.

The movers will handle all of the heavy lifting and usually load the heaviest items first and the lightest items last. Most professional movers load items in the following order:

  • Appliances
  • Desks and Tables
  • Mattresses/Beds
  • Sofas/Couches
  • Large Boxes
  • Small Boxes

Once everything is loaded the driver will either take your items to a new home for a local move, begin the long journey to transport your items long-distance, or take your items to a storage facility. This all depends on your specific move and needs.

When moving locally, most moving companies will need to access the house on arrival. You may be able to follow the van to the new home or have someone waiting for the movers. If you are moving long-distance, most homeowners will schedule a delivery date for their items. This gives you enough time to travel to your new home, so you can receive your belongings.

Find a Professional Mover in A. Arnold

The moving process does involve several steps, but with the right team on your side a smooth transition is possible. A. Arnold Moving has helped thousands of homeowners safely relocate their belongings for over a century. Our professional movers have the skills and resources needed to manage just about any kind of relocation.

If you are ready to relocate in the Louisville, KY or Indianapolis, IN area, give us a call or fill out our online contact form. A friendly representative will start you off with a free moving cost estimate right away.