Moving to a new home can be a challenging time for everyone involved—whether you’re moving into a one-room apartment in the city or a large family home in the suburbs. In either case, and in many others unique to your residential moving situation, relocation is a complicated process that requires plenty of planning, organization, and patience. In the best of situations, it’s a good idea to hire professional moving services from an expert moving company to help you facilitate and execute a stress-free, enjoyable relocation experience.

This is especially true when planning a move with children. At A. Arnold Moving, we’re a family-owned company with over a century of experience moving Louisville families to new homes near and far—and we know how difficult it can be for parents to successfully strategize the perfect move with small children in tow. In this article, we will share some of our most effective tips for helping your family adjust to the idea of a move—and how to successfully complete an enjoyable relocation for everyone to enjoy.

Gather Everyone for a Family Meeting

Once you’ve finalized the date and details of the move, gather everyone and call for a family meeting. It is important to explain to your kids why the move is necessary and try to highlight the positives of moving to a new home. It is also important to encourage them to speak up and communicate their concerns. Once they do, make sure that you can offer a solution or a way to address these concerns.

Research About Your New Community 

Take the time to research about the new place, and what it might be like living in the neighborhood you’ll be moving into. If you’re making a local transition, this might be a lot easier for your kids to understand the changes than if it’s long-distance, cross-country, or international. Share what you’ve researched with your kids and also encourage them to find more about the new location on their own. Through the internet, you can easily find community and school websites, as well as find copies of local magazines from the area to learn more about social activities and events in the community, to get everyone excited about the transition.

Make Room Plans with Your Kids

Get your kids excited about the move by making plans to decorate their rooms with them. Allow them to tag along when you visit the hardware or home décor stores, so they can help choose the furniture, paint swatches, and other elements that you will use to decorate your home.

Do a Site Visit Before the Move

Preparing for a move can make you extremely busy, but it is highly recommended to schedule a day when you can visit your new place before the actual move-in date. Aside from visiting your future house, take a tour around the community—find the nearby parks, public library, schools, local shops and restaurants, and malls. You can also drive your kids by where you will be working, and even possibly take a tour of their new school.

A Family Affair: Involving Your Children in Your Moving Plans

Involving your children with the preparations for the move will not only keep them busy but also make them feel important. Depending on their age, assign tasks to each one of them and also make final reminders on how they can help out during the actual move-in date.

Your Trusted Moving Services Provider

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