Moving without storage is like having a door without locks. You might get from Point A to Point B, but you’re left vulnerable to theft, damage, and loss. For the most secure and streamlined move possible, relocation experts recommend choosing a comprehensive moving and storage plan.

Not convinced?

Here are some of the benefits to including storage within your personalized moving plan:

Furniture Protection 

Professional storage facilities have what it takes to keep your upholstered or wooden furniture safe. Each item is carefully covered and stored onto an open rack space. This area is separate from other storage space, keeping your furniture protected against impact damage and more.

Secure Storage Vaults

All non-furniture items are placed into storage crates and secured into a vaulted storage space. Not only does this keep your valuables neatly organized for easy retrieval, you can rest peacefully knowing that your belongings are only accessible by people you permit.

Weather Protection

Damage from the elements are fully prevented within state-of-the-art climate-controlled facilities. Sounds great, but what does climate-controlled storage mean? While most storage facilities regulate temperature, a climate-controlled facility goes a step further by regulating humidity to reduce moisture within the storage space. Unwanted moisture can damage appliances, mold furniture, and destroy heirlooms.

24/7 Surveillance

Safe racking for furniture, vaulted containers, and weather protection are important, but they only go so far towards keeping your valuables safe. For added protection, a full-service storage provider offers 24/7 surveillance to further protect your items from tampering and theft.

Flexible Terms

Never pay for storage time or space you don’t need. Any reliable storage facility will offer flexible plans that suit your individual relocation. Whether you need a large and long-term storage space or a short-term solution for relocating a few pieces of furniture, you can create a custom plan that works for you.

Household or Commercial Storage?

Although all storage customers need the same basic protection benefits, there are some unique challenges depending on whether you’re storing household or commercial items. Make sure the storage facility you choose provides personalized plans for:

·  Household Storage: From everyday items to high-value family heirlooms, household storage offers everything you need to keep your belongings safe while staying on budget.

·  Commercial Storage: Ensure delicate office equipment, expensive furniture, and sensitive documents are fully protected within an ultra-secure and cost-effective commercial storage facility.

When you need a full-service moving and storage company that offers dependable solutions for household and business moves of all sizes, call A. Arnold Moving for a free, no-obligation cost estimate!