You’ve moved to a new home – Congratulations! Now that your Anchorage movers have dropped off your belongings and you are settling into your new place, the inevitable chore of unpacking will begin. With unpacking comes a large pile of boxes. Before you throw the cardboard to the curb, here are seven ways to reuse and reinvent the boxes. 

1.  Recycle – Don’t fill the landfill with your unwanted boxes. Break them down and take them to your local recycling center.

2.  Compost For Your Garden – Tear the box into single sheet pieces and create a single layer and then top with dirt to create a garden that is weed-free and ripe for planting.

3.  Build Something – Cardboard boxes can be repurposed into a fun play castle for kids or a comfy bed for your furry friend.

4.  Donate – Many organizations will accept used boxes for a variety of reasons. Check with local gardening clubs, churches or schools to see if they are in need.

5.  Sell Them – Looking to make a quick buck after your move? Post the boxes for sale online or on a community board.

6.  Create Storage – Wrap the boxes in twine and line with a cotton fabric to create some unique and stylish storage for pantries, closets or craft rooms.

7.  Cover with Fabric for Room Décor – Find a fabric that accents your walls and wrap flat sections of the box in the fabric. With a little time and hot glue, the box can be used to provide instant color to any room.

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