There is so much to remember when planning a move, and it can be easy to overlook simple, but very important steps. As a professional Fishers moving company, A. Arnold Moving has seen it all. Our goal is to help people in our area get the most out of their moving experience, each step of the way.

To help you check off one thing off your long to-do list, we put together some information you might not realize when switching over utilities. These simple tips can mean the difference between a seamless transition and mistakes that will leave you in the dark!

Know your utility needs ahead of time.

Before contacting your new utility company, take a few minutes to consider your needs. When do you plan to arrive at your new home? Do you need internet access or heat right away? What about garbage service? Knowing exactly what you need before you schedule activation will save you from going back later to correct oversights. It’s also a good idea to check which providers are available in your new area, such as internet and mobile phone carriers, especially if you’re moving to a rural location that might have limited coverage.

Setting your shut-off and activation dates early creates a smooth transition.

Once you have a plan, get your appointments set early to be sure you get the dates and times you need. On the same note, schedule your shut-off times early too, making sure the appointment falls just before you leave. This is important if your utility provider needs you to be home during shut-off, and also helps ensure you don’t pay for utilities used after you’re gone.

Don’t pack your utility account information!

When in packing mode, it’s easy to store away important paperwork. To avoid the “oh no” moment that comes when your electrical company asks for account information that is packed who knows where make sure you have all necessary information organized and on hand ahead of time. Create a list of all your important account numbers, billing information, copies of your lease or title papers, proofs of address, and anything else required to setup new utilities.

You might have forgotten late fees.

Did you pay a utility bill late at any point during the year? It’s easy to forget these things, causing unexpected late fees and other charges. You can easily avoid this nuisance by contacting your utility companies before you move to make sure all your accounts are in good standing.

If you don’t check your meter, you might pay for utilities you didn’t use.

Sometimes utility companies allow you to set shut-off dates that fall after you have moved. If you make these arrangements, it’s important to schedule a final meter reading before you leave, otherwise your final bill might include a week or two of electrical and gas use incurred by a future tenant.

Remembering these simple things will keep you from dealing with common problems people run into when moving utilities. To avoid other, often more costly and stressful problems associated with moving, trust your relocation needs to reliable Fishers residential movers. To learn more about what makes A. Arnold the top choice for Fishers movers, give us a call today!