Moving is a great way to start anew and get rid of some of the clutter that’s been causing chaos in your home, whether or not you’re downsizing. From throwing excess or broken items away to re-evaluating your home’s storage space, relocating offers the perfect opportunity to get rid of the extra junk that’s been bogging you down.

With a little help from a local storage company, you don’t necessarily have to throw your items away. Here are three things you can put in storage now to increase the usable space in your new home and avoid overwhelming clutter later.

Seasonal Items

Seasonal items perhaps the most overlooked clutter culprit in homes across the country. Most families have quite a bit of space in their homes dedicated to items they only use for part of the year. You can save yourself quite a bit of space by having your Louisville movers relocate these common seasonal items to a storage unit near you: 

·  Holiday Decorations

·  Heavy Winter Clothing

·  Travel Gear

·  And Specialty Sporting Equipment (snowboards, snorkel gear, etc.)

Furniture You Don’t Plan on Using Just Yet

Your new apartment in downtown might be well-located, but it may not have enough room for your favorite armoire or that extra-large dining table. As more of the population relocates to densely populated cities, more people are seeking ways to alleviate their special limitations. A storage unit is the perfect solution for anyone downsizing, making it possible to keep the pieces that don’t quite fit in your new home. Things like dining tables, long couches, nightstands, or chairs can easily be relocated to help you open up some space in your home.

Keepsakes and Antiques

From grandmother’s dusty cuckoo-clock to that old baseball card collection, you likely have keepsakes, mementos, collectibles, and antiques in your home that you don’t want to throw away. Most people resort to keeping these items in their basement or attic, where they become susceptible to mold, rust, or heat damage– defeating the purpose of keeping them in the first place. Choosing a temperature-controlled storage facility is perfect for preserving the value of your keepsakes as the years go by.

Luckily, there is a Louisville moving company that can take care of the moving and storage process for you. Call the professional movers of A. Arnold Moving to learn more about our secure storage services, or fill out our simple online form to request a moving quote.