Summer is here – and so is busy season for moving.  Summertime is the ideal time for relocation for many individuals and families. 

School is out of session for the season.  The weather conditions are often better for moving.  You have more time to get acclimated to your new area.  For a variety of reasons, many people choose to move during the summer – making it the busiest season of the year for Louisville moving companies

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If you are planning a summer relocation, it is time to find your Louisville movers – NOW! Planning ahead of time is crucial to ensure that you get the moving dates and times that suit you best.

Moving on a weekend?  This also requires some extra planning.  While you may have the time to move, it is important to remember that summer weekend traffic in the summer is increased with people heading off to their weekend retreats.

Make sure to plan for the weather – hot and rainy alike.  This means protecting your homes from become dirty, surfaces from becoming slippery and damages to your furniture and electronics.  This also means taking short breaks – it actually increases the efficiency of your move.

When it comes to planning ahead, this includes utilities.  You will likely want to have your utilities connected at both homes during the relocation to be sure you have everything you need.  In the same respect, you may want to turn off your air conditioning.  With doors open all day long, your AC will be working incredibly hard and you’ll be paying the price.

If you are moving to Louisville this summer, A Arnold moving can offer you the comprehensive, streamlined relocation you deserve.  Give us a call or fill out our online quote form today!