After spending 32 years working for a different carrier, Jim Church describes his move to A. Arnold as, “The best decision I made in my whole career.” And our team couldn’t be happier to have him! In an awards ceremony last month by the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA), Jim was chosen to receive the 2014 AMSA “Super Van Operator” Award in the Special Commodities category.

This isn’t the first accolade for Jim, however. He has been in the special commodities division for 10 years and has received numerous industry awards along the way. In that time, he has also driven more than 4.2 million miles—with a perfect safety record! He credits his great safety to avoiding crowds, going under the speed limit, watching weather conditions and, of course, watching out for everyone else on the road. His diligence and carefulness have certainly paid off!

Jim isn’t just a great driver, either—he has built an impressive list of loyal clients, too. He says that over the years, he has built a rapport with the people he works with, which are primarily repeat customers.

“I have people that will wait for me to do their job, even in the household industry, that I don’t do anymore.”

Jim’s hard work and commitment to professionalism and service have certainly not gone unnoticed. Jim’s advice if you want to earn an AMSA award is simple:

“Be on time, take care of your customers…and just do your job.”

If you’d like to start on your career with A. Arnold Relocation, call one of our friendly, knowledgeable staff members today for more information!