When you’re a BBB-accredited business and ProMover member of the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA), like A. Arnold is, details matter. Our mission is to help our customers feel comfortable throughout the entire moving process – regardless of its size and scope. That means providing our clients with the resources and education they need, like how to safely and efficiently move with pets (something that a lot of people overlook).

Here are the 5 play-it-safe tips we always give our customers

1. Make sure your pet’s tag is up-to-date.

Moving is stressful and hectic – so much so that it can be hard to stay on top of the little things, like closing the back door or making sure the garage is shut. If your dog – or cat, for that matter – is prone to take off after squirrels or birds or cars (yikes!), then a move is one of the easiest times to execute a maneuver like that. Just to be safe, make sure your pet’s tags reflect your new address.

2. Keep ‘em separated.

The professional at A.Arnold are courteous and diligent, but you still don’t want your animals running around the house while we’re at work. The last thing we’d ever want is to accidently hurt your pet while we’re carrying heavy furniture!

3. Prep the new place.

The transition process can be just as stressful for your dog or cat or bird as it is for you. Some animals are okay with new spaces and others, well... let’s just say they need some getting used to. Before introducing your pet to its new home, try to prep it to resemble the old space your best friend used to know and love. It’ll make the switch easier – we promise. 

4. Keep food and medicine nearby.

Moving is unpredictable: traffic, weather, and other unforeseen circumstances can slow down the process. In case this happens, make sure your pet’s food and medicine is in your car within reach. This will keep you and your buddy comfortable.

5. Make the car comfy.

Depending on how far your move takes you, the car can be a fairly uncomfortable place – causing your pets to feel anxious. To combat the anxiety, keep their favorite toys, treats and blankets in the car for them to play with. Better yet: if your car is big enough, keep all these things in a cage where they can stay and feel safe.

For more pet moving tips or to speak with one of our representatives about alternative pet moving services, just give us a call – we’re always happy to help!

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