When you get to your new home and start unpacking, it’s understandable that you want to use your appliances right away. This is sometimes possible, but in cold weather, caution is necessary to avoid damaging your items by sudden use. Water and internal components will remain frozen for up to a day after your move, and using your appliances immediately may result in damage. At A. Arnold Relocation, your top household moving company in Louisville, the safety of your valuables is our top concern! We strongly advise waiting 24 hours before servicing the following items:

  • Washers and Dryers
Your washer may have residual frozen water in its internal hoses. This will cause damage if it’s not allowed to defrost. Dryers are similar – servicing one immediately after a temperature fluctuation may damage the igniters.
  • Icemakers and Refrigerators
Obviously, icemakers and refrigerators will have residual frozen water in the supply lines, even though your movers will drain the equipment before your move. Allow time for your appliances to defrost completely.
  • Electronics
Allow your TVs, computers, speakers, etc. time to sit after your move. The freezing temperatures can cause condensation in the electrical components.
  • Grandfather Clocks
The cold makes the gears contract, restricting movement. Even if your clock is oiled this is unavoidable.
  • Waterbed Mattresses
It’s extremely important to wait to handle and re-assemble your mattress, as frozen water inside will cause the vinyl to crack.

Waiting for your appliances is a drag, but paying to repair them is even worse. Your dedicated residential moving company in Louisville is here to advise you every step of the way! Contact us today to learn more about our amazing benefits. We’re the Louisville moving company that’s equipped to ease your transition!

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