If your company is relocating to Louisville and you plan on following, it’s a busy time! The success of your move as an employee depends on many factors, and one often-overlooked person is your spouse. Perhaps before moving to Louisville, your spouse will have to give up his or her job. He or she might miss friends and the culture of your old community. Addressing these concerns in advance is not only essential for the success of your move, but also for your spouse’s well-being! To ensure a relocation that both you and your spouse will be satisfied with, you should always:

  • Work With Your Move Coordinator
Whether your relocation is intrastate or international, your Move Coordinator should address your spouse’s expectations and goals in your new community. He or she can point you to local resources, suggest possible career opportunities, and provide a list of good restaurants and entertainment.
  • Network
If your spouse wants to pick up his or her career in your new location, networking is essential for success! Your Move Coordinator can also provide some leads so your spouse can start building connections and getting interviews in no time!
  • Research the Area
Your spouse will want to have meaningful pursuits to enjoy in your new community, so helping him or her find enjoyable classes, clubs, or volunteer activities can make a big transition much easier.

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