The adjustment to a new school can be a daunting one for a child or teenager.  But this is of course a necessary transition when moving residences.  Whether you are moving across the country or just a town away there are going to be many similar tactics you can practice to help ease your child into a new school setting. There are a few things to take into consideration.

1.  Research:  Researching the new school is incredibly important.  Take into consideration things like curriculum, after school activities, transportation, meal plans etc.  The more information you gather the better you will be able to explain to your child.


2. Family Get Togethers: Make sure you are scheduling regular meetings with the ENTIRE family both before and after the transition to make sure you are communicating.  This communication will help your children realize you are on the same page and that they have someone to confide in if they are worried.  Sharing feelings is not only preferable for comfort during a transition it is important for long term relationship stability.


3. Be a Role Model:  Children need role models in their lives and moving is the perfect opportunity for you to become a very strong role model in your child’s life.   Being strong and confident throughout the moving process will teach your child to be so as well.  This will translate through many other situations in your child’s life if done right.


4.  Get INVOLVED: Make sure once the move is over you get involved in the community- and bring your child.  The more they are involved the more they will feel like part of the community themselves.


5. Encourage Extracurricular activities: Sports teams, academic clubs etc are perfect ways for them to become part of their own niche in their community.  Not to mention this is a great way for your child to meet new friends that share the same interests as they do.


6. Awareness:  Keep a strong eye on your child’s behavior. This is important both before and after the move.  Sudden changes in attitude or personality can mean trouble. Make sure your child feels comfortable talking to you about how they feel throughout the transition.


Children are resilient, and moving can be a fantastic life lesson for them.  Meeting new friends and experiencing a new community can be a greatly positive but you as a parent need to make sure to prepare your children understand completely why and that you support them by taking these tips into consideration you are already on the right track!