As a trusted and reliable international mover for over 100 years, A. Arnold has moved countless families and businesses from all over the United States to locations all over the world. Our international moving division, Sterling International, is based out of Indianapolis but we offer our services in every state of the continental US. All of the Sterling staff is RIM certified and committed to providing the best customer service on the market. Our decades of transportation and relocation have given us a unique insight on the international moving experience and we have created a list of tips for you to consider before your upcoming move.

Here are a few pieces of advice for all international moving customers:

  • Pre-Move Visits
It is always wise to familiarize yourself with your new city, neighborhood, and street before moving your life overseas. In addition to locating hospitals, schools, and places of interest, you can get accustomed to the public transportation and other aspects of your soon-to-be daily life.


  • Keep an Open Perspective
You must remember you are a guest in this country and your personal culture is now foreign. Keep an open mind, listen, and be observant and gracious to your new community. In other words: be polite. Even if you struggle with the language, using hand gestures and smiles will present a warm approach anyone will be willing to accept.


  • Settling In
To reduce homesickness be sure to keep in touch with loved ones during the first month or so. With internet chat such as Skype it is easy to connect with someone no matter where they live. Also be certain to maintain household customs including bedtimes, mealtimes, and other schedules to keep you in a routine.

For more information and advice regarding your international move, please call us at 800-748-0428.