Indianapolis is one of our favorite cities. You may know it as the capital of Indiana, and a major sports venue but it is so much more than that.

Indianapolis draws in a lot of new residents from educational institutions to major businesses. Thousands of Americans attended the dozens of universities in the Indy area most notably Butler University and Ball State University. If you want to talk about major basketball powerhouses Butler is your program reaching back to back National Championship appearances in 2010 and 2011. When March Madness rolls around Indianapolis is always high on the list of host cities.

And let's not forget the business sector. Indianapolis is a highly sought area for fostering businesses. The current major industries in Indy are manufacturing and retail.

Moving to Indianapolis has it's rich cultural benefits as well. The Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra is a major US ensemble with top echelon guest soloists appearing every season.

No matter what brings you to the Indy area you'll need to work with a moving company no matter how short or long a distance your move will be.

A. Arnold is your Indianapolis moving company for all forms of household moving. Our movers and drivers aim to provide your family with the best quality services.

Our household movers have a wide array of skills to provide solutions to your individual move.

Local moving

We provide hundreds if not thousands of household moves for families just like yours. When you need to move across town we have the resources and talent to get you there.

Whether you live in a subdivision in Carson Heights and are relocating closer to your work at IU Health Methodist Hospital you'll need a local mover to move you up north. That's where our Indianapolis local movers can facilitate your upcoming move.

Long Distance moving

If you family is moving out of Indiana or the Midwest then your options for long distance movers in Indianapolis start to dwindle. Although there are less moving companies you can still expect the high level of commitment and dedication from A. Arnold.

When crossing state borders the stakes are elevated when working with a moving company.

Let's say you're an empty nester, all the kids have graduated college and you've decided it's time to take a victory lap by moving to Florida. Things get trickier than your run of the mill local move because now you're dealing with larger rigs, interstate commerce, tolls and other complications.

And if you're moving to Hawaii or internationally then you're dealing with another beast altogether. If an international move is in your future you need to work with a company with the resources to cover all your bases. Sterling International is a division at A. Arnold dedicated to international relocation.


A. Arnold would love to work with you to provide solutions to your moving and storage demands. The Indy moving company has the talent, resources and experience to provide high quality moving services no matter what your needs are.

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