A person never knows what it would be like to be in a disaster situation until he's actually been there. Imagine one day you have a comfortable home and the next day it's gone without a trace due to some incredible force of nature. It hit so close to home, many of us have friends or family members that were affected by last week's tornadoes. Many of us have travelled through the area and saw the destruction first hand. People sit watching the news and wonder what they can do to help, but A. Arnold people did not just sit and wonder, we got up and moved . . . because that's what we do!

Our A. Arnold team pulled together this week and sent a little hope to the tornado victims in Southern Indiana. We sent two trailers to the WAVE-3 TV station in downtown Louisville to help with Salvation Army and American Red Cross efforts. We took up a collection of the items that were most needed by those hit by the storms. We took those donated goods down to the station today then jumped in to help assemble cartons, as well as sort and box the items that were coming in as fast as the boxes were put together. The relief efforts will continue and A. Arnold is trying to do their part.