Moving Day can be very hectic. When planning a move, it helps to take some time a few days prior to your moving crew’s arrival to prepare your personal belongings. Whether driving your own vehicle or flying to your new home, there may be a few things you need to take along yourself. These items might include your prescription medication, handheld electronic devices, important documents or anything you will need while your items are in transit. Making a list of the articles you plan to personally take will be helpful. Next, designate an area of your home where these items can be placed on Moving Day. This can be in a corner or you may want to empty a small hall closet to assign as a holding area. Don’t place these items along with goods that need to be packed by movers. When your A. Arnold driver arrives, let him know these goods will not be going on the moving van. It may also be helpful to tag that area or put a note on the closet door. If you are driving to your destination, you may wish to load those articles into your personal vehicle as soon as the movers begin working. The professional packers will be working quickly. It’s best not to leave your personal items on countertops or tabletops where the crew is packing unless they are intended to be packed and loaded on the van. Taking these steps in the days before your movers arrive will ensure a smooth moving day and that you have the essentials with you while your items are in transit.