Read about another successful international relocation handled by Sterling International:

Please find attached my completed Form 3080, offering extremely positive feedback for the carrier of my POV.

In particular, I want to recognize Katie Burkholder for practicing exemplary customer service throughout all phases of my move.  Katie was prompt and responsive to all of my inquiries, and she was proactive in motivating and managing less-responsive colleagues in the process. Katie checked in with me from time to time to offer valuable updates to shipment progress; because of her efforts, I always felt looped in.  Despite all the anxieties and stresses associated with a move like this, I felt total ease with the POV shipment because Katie offered superior customer service, excellent communication, and a friendly demeanor.  I strongly recommend her for recognition and would be happy to serve as a reference for any such action.

Katie has my compliments!

Many thanks,

Andrew Daehne Vice Consul U.S. Embassy, Kingston DAEHNE Copy of E_3080
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