We are happy to inform you that our relocation went well in all respects. The timetable was respected, and the crew doing the packing did a very good job.

We would like to stress the very high professionalism and care shown by Greg Dolphin's team (Fred + crew), who managed to squeeze all the boxes and furniture in without losing an inch (a true puzzle). This feat allowed for the car to be loaded in the same container, but leaving only a space of one inch. If this crew had not been real pros, my car would have stayed in the parking lot, and we would have been swamped by problems, delays and extra costs.

Furthermore, I would like to stress that the time available to finish the packing and the loading was a real challenge, which was surmounted too (with sweat on their foreheads). This drive to succeed in their task is not common and do them credit. The management of Tampa Bay Moving should be happy to have this competent crew (four ****), who merit special recognition for their high quality work.

We also want to underline that the whole operation went without any technical problems or problems concerning the planning or the costs. This was due to the permanent follow up and perfect collaboration on the part of Sterling International represented by Phil Aeschleman + Anne Marie Thawleyar who succeeded in ensuring the contact between all the parties.

It should be said that Phil Aeschleman + Anne Marie Thawleyar proved their professional skills all through and this within the framework of friendly, but rigorous commercial relations. It is abundantly clear that this operation could not have been a success without their excellent work.

As regards the part of "the other side of the pond" European Relocation Services (Jennifer Sloan) have also shown their perfect sense of professionalism in our relations. There was no delay in the contacts, and every question we asked was answered immediately.

As a matter of fact the French team represented by Jennifer Sloan allowed for the completion of the last stage of our relocation in a safe and easy way always accompanied by a charming smile (which in a world of "tough guys" or"administrative cool" is something that we certainly appreciate. We have no doubt that the last service from European Relocation Services (the transportation of our household goods to our final destination in Belgium) will be of the same quality.

A last word concerning our contractors. The relocation sector is far from having a reputation for competence, reliability and honesty, but it is perfectly proper to assign these "qualifications" to the partners of our relocation.

Thanks to all for this.