Tips for disposing of your unwanted books.

Disposing of your Unwanted Books When you are preparing for a move it’s always a good idea to get rid of things you don’t need or use anymore.  Some of those things may come in the form of books.  Books have a way of piling up, and can add a lot of weight to a household goods shipment.  There are many options available for disposing of your unwanted books; you can recycle, sell or swap them. Recycling Your Books: There are many companies that recycle books today.  Because of the glue used in the binding process many books cannot be recycled with your other paper products. will grind your unwanted books down, and process them by repulping the paper to make new paper.  Recycling in this way is a great option if your books are no longer in useable condition. Donating Your Books: If your books are still in good shape and you want to give them to someone less fortunate – the possibilities are almost endless.  Libraries, churches, veterans groups, and other local charities will see that your books get into the hands of the needy.  You can also check out Better World Books – they will pay for the shipping so your books can go to programs that promote worldwide literacy projects. Swapping Your Books: Through sites like Book Crossing you can swap books you’ve already read for books you’d like to read.  You can track your book along its journey, write and read reviews of swapped books.    If you have school age children you might consider organizing a neighborhood book swap – text books can be expensive and this could be a way to cut costs. Selling Your Books: If you would like to make some extra money from your books, sites like, eBay, and Barnes & Noble all offer programs for selling your unwanted books.

All of these options are great ways to keep your books from ending up in the land fill.