Plasma televisions have gained popularity over the past few years. There are a number of plasma televisions on the market ranging in price from $2500 to $21,000. Because of their extremely high value, proper packing and handling are top priorities to ensure they arrive at your new home undamaged.

There are many potential problems associated with transporting these units and we recommend the following procedures as “best practices” for shipping your plasma screen:

  • Units should be wrapped and crated for maximum protection. Some retailers advise you to retain the original packaging materials for the purpose of transport.
  • Preparation should include removing the unit from the wall or stand (using a minimum of 2 people) and disconnecting all wires and cables.
  • Factory service dealers recommend covering the screen with a soft cloth (to prevent scratching) and placing the unit in a Styrofoam lined     crate. Formed Styrofoam should be 3-4” thick and placed at each of the four corners allowing the unit to be elevated.
  • Plasma screens should never be placed directly on cardboard or wooden crate bottom.
  • An additional 2-3” of Styrofoam should be placed on the screen as well as the back of the unit.
  • Plasma screens should remain upright at all times—they are never to be laid flat or on a side or end.
  • With authorization, a qualified third party company will properly prepare the plasma screen for transport.
  • Your A Arnold customer service representative can assist you with scheduling this service and provide pricing.
  • If the plasma arrives at destination lying flat, this should be noted on the descriptive inventory.
  • Plasma screens should never be exposed to rain, moisture, excessive dust, direct sunlight, excessive altitude or extreme temperatures.
  • Due to the gases involved in plasma technology, non-use for extended periods of time can affect picture quality. This is a potential inherent problem that your carrier would not be liable for.
  •  Lastly, plasma screens should always be listed on the “High Value Inventory” sheet. A copy of which you can find under our “Forms” section.
By making sure your van line takes these precautions, your plasma television will arrive at destination in perfect working order.

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