If you are not planning to drive your car or other vehicle to your new home you may want to have your van line make arrangements to ship it. Often times the van line will have room available on the truck and your vehicle can be shipped with your household goods. If that is not the case, the van line will make arrangements with a car carrier to transport your vehicle.

There are several requirements that must be followed to ensure the safe transport of your vehicle. The following guidelines apply whether you are shipping your vehicle via your van line or a car carrier. The best rule of thumb is if it’s not bolted in it should be removed. For example the following items should be removed unless they are factory installed components:

  •  Loose radios/CB’s/Tape players/Compact disc players
  •  Compact discs (or tapes)
  •  Power boosters
  •  Equalizers
  •  Radar scanners
  •  GPS devices
  •  MP3 players
  •  Extra speakers
  •  Decorative ornaments
  •  Auto protective covers/bras
  •  Truck tailgate nets
  •  Auto roof racks (if not factory installed)
  •  Theft alarm systems (if you choose to leave the car alarm in your vehicle be sure the system is disengaged prior to shipment)
  •  Child safety/booster seats

Additional Tips:

  •  No personal belongings of any kind are to be stored in your vehicle during shipment
  •  There should be no more than 1/8 tank of fuel in the vehicle
  •  Leave a set of keys for the ignition, trunk, gas tank and other locking compartments
  •  Tape your extra set of keys to the inside of the glove compartment
  •  Be sure the spare tire and changing equipment are secured in the factory positions
By following these simple guidelines you will ensure your vehicle arrives at your new destination damage free. If you have any questions regarding shipment of a vehicle please contact your A. Arnold Customer Service Representative at 800-626-5371.