As wine collections are becoming more popular and can represent a sizeable investment, assuring their safe transportation requires additional planning.

Most experts agree the older the wine the more delicate its flavor. Extreme changes in temperature may affect the taste and appearance of your wine. The best temperature for storing and transporting wine is 55 degrees. The best time to move your collection is early Spring or late Fall.

If you have a large, valuable collection, have it appraised by a qualified person before shipment. It is recommended that a service specializing in wine shipment be used for these types of collections. Your A Arnold customer service representative can help you arrange for this service.

For a small manageable collection the best means of transportation may be by car, where the atmospheric conditions can be better controlled. If you choose to have your van line move your collection be sure to take special care in packing your wine, you may want to consider special wine packing boxes, these are made of Styrofoam or corrugated cardboard and protect the bottles well. They can be purchased at stores that sell wine or wine making supplies in your area.

Even when all precautions are taken—bottle shock may occur from the wine being shaken within the bottles during transport. Allow the bottles to rest at least 7 days prior to opening.

A great resource for additional information regarding moving a wine collection is Wine Spectator Magazine and their website. You can pick up the magazines at local news stands or visit their website at