Things to keep in mind when choosing a school abroad.

Most families moving abroad find choosing the right school a major factor in the relocation success.  When moving abroad the process for choosing a school changes markedly and parents often don't know how to access criteria pivotal to making an informed choice.

What's Important?

Families must decide whether they want their children to attend an international, local, public or private, religious or non-denominational school.

To help decide consider the following:

  • How far will they need to travel?
  • Are you committed to an international or local school?
  • How would you feel about your child studying in a new language?
  • How important is the curriculum to the child's continuity?
  • Do you believe that the transition must be minimized or do you view education as the total experience?
Each family has different values and every child is unique.  Ultimately parents should identify the most pressing needs of each child when selecting a school.

What to do first:

When you have identified your values, as well as the child's strengths and weaknesses, it's time to investigate schools to assess the "fit" into the school and the matriculation from the overseas' school to the next school system.  Use friend's recommendations, Internet research, books, and educational consultants to aid in your decision.  Consider each school's quality, reputation, transferability of curriculum, ability to assimilate newcomers and parental involvement.

By visiting schools, asking important questions and watching children as they learn, parents will have a much clearer sense of the right match for their family.

Our friends at BR Anchor Publishing have more information on this topic, and many others regarding adjusting to an international relocation.