Comments posted on a recent AMSA blog indicate there are reasons things may be looking up in the moving industry.

Bad news equals good news was part of the theme of a talk given recently at the Delaware Valley Relocation Council meeting in Philadelphia, PA.

Chris Collie, a well credentialed corporate relocation guru, laid out the following justification for why we should soon see an uptick in corporate hiring habits.

a) Companies are not spending, although they have lots of cash. They need to turn that into profit and new talent does that. b) 66% of people say they want a new job. This translates into lots of lookers (candidates) and potential relocations. c) Employers are doing nothing to hold onto their talented people. This means people will leave. d) There were practically no mergers or acquisitions leading up to this recession. There have been 7000 since. That activity always results in relos. e) Housing is at an all time low which means great opportunities for buyers in almost all markets making the decision to move easier for the potential transferee. Now it wasn’t all based on bad news. Some of the statistics were positive for sure! a) There is a sustained uptick in manufacturing in the country. We still do that here! b) Consumer confidence is up. When that happens, relos tend to trend up. c) Both the CEO and CFO confidence indexes are up, the latter being a great sign. Those folks tend to be very cautious. d) There seems to be a trend toward “Talent Management” which will result in the best people moving to the best spots.

For what it is worth the slogan they used for the luncheon was Thank Heaven for 2011! For those in the corporate sales arena it is probably a good way to think about it.

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