After 40 years in the moving buisness, one of our best is retiring.

The moving business has certainly changed over the past 40 years, and Mike Wehner can attest to that.

Mike has spent his entire career at A. Arnold, and after 40 years has decided to retire.  He's been one of our top sales producers for years, and shared his expertise with many other budding sales people at A. Arnold.  Mike is the consumate professional, and we had the chance to celebrate his retirement recently.

During an informal ceremony at our Louisville office, Mike was presented with a photographic collage of his years at A. Arnold, a gift of appreciation from the company, and some poetic words from his co-workers.

Steve Smith, our planner went so far as to read this poem he wrote in Mike's honor.

"An Ode to Mike"

"Where do you start when we talk about Mike? One might ask "what's not to like?' We've learned from Mike how to come through in the crunch Why he's even shown us how to get a "free" lunch

For Mike is a man who never gives up He'd do almost anything to make a quick buck Some may have thought he'd never succeed They surely underestimated his tenacity indeed

It's said nothing happens until a move is sold Mike's booked a ton and that never gets old For a very long time his sales have been grand Mike is a BIG reason this company still stands

A.Arnold is fortunate to have one of the best We most surely can say he's passed every test Time moves fast like a spin of the "Wehner" wheel It's hard to believe you could say it's surreal For now we all realize he's certainly paid his dues The time has come to crack open the booze

Mike may not be around to harass us next year(darn it) But his friends here at work will be glad to meet for a beer We'll miss you for sure, yes we'll feel the sting But we'll never forget the man called "The King".

What's left to say except Thanks, and we'll miss you Mike!

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